Covid-19 Update

Preparing for your visit

Before Your Appointment

  1. We will send you a pack via text or email to complete prior to your visit.
  2. We will ask you to complete them and return before an appointment is confirmed.
  3. The Dentist may call you to discuss the visit if needed.
  4. Our reception will ask you to pre- pay for your treatment over the phone when making the appointment to limit direct contact when in the practice.

On The Day Of The Appointment

  1. Before you arrive, please hydrate and brush your teeth at home. The restroom will be out of use during this time.
  2. Please bring only essential item, which maybe safely stored away when you arrive. Please leave coats and bags in you car/ at home if possible.
  3. Please call us on arriving and wait in your car or outside the practice. We will call you when we are ready for you to enter the practice.
  4. Any additional payment required after treatment should be made via credit/ debit card (contactless if possible)

The government has updated its guidance and has now allowed a phased reopening of dental practices. We are open from Thursday 25th June for emergency treatment.

However, with the pandemic ongoing, it is still not business as usual in regards to how the dental practice use to run. With the Covid alert level still being high, we will only be able to see a limited number of patients each day due to the new guidelines issued by the government for how we work. 

We have been advised against performing any procedure that creates an aerosol, unless in an emergency. This rules out the routine use of any drills and the ultrasonic scalers used to clean your teeth. As such, all practices have been advised to limit treatments to patients in urgent need of treatment only while the Covid alert level is still high. This severely limits the quality of treatments we can offer. However, as throughout lockdown, David is still able to give advice on any concerns you have. This has proved effective via emails or by ringing the practice.

Changes In The Practice

Social distancing will be followed in the practice at all times; all staff will be wearing masks when in the building; only one patient at a time will be in the waiting room and there will be multiple hand sanitising stations throughout the practice. 

Social distancing proves a little more difficult during treatment though! As such we have invested heavily in additional personal protective equipment (PPE) and air purifiers for the practice.

As you will know, we have always worn PPE in the surgery and infection control procedures have always been a high priority. The Covid-19 virus presents new challenges in regards to the aerosols produced by drills. As such we will now be wearing different masks that are very high filtering of the air (FFP3 rating). We will be wearing these masks for all treatment regardless if an aerosol is created or not, to provide a continuous safe environment for all. We may look a bit different when you first see us as the mask are quite big! To ensure the effectiveness of the mask, all staff need to have them professional fitted and verified. 

The aerosol can remain in the air after treatments. For this reason we have invested in air purifiers for all surgeries and the waiting room. Additionally,  after each patient, the surgery will be left for up to 1 hour to allow the aerosol to disperse and enable vigorous cleaning of the surgeries – this is for your safety and ours. This is one of the main reasons we will have to see fewer patients during our working day when we first reopen. This won’t be forever but is necessary while the Covid alert level is still high. 

I would like to thank all my patients during these uncertain times for your patience and understanding. The surgery ethos has always been about providing high quality, relaxed care, which I hope we will be able to return to in the near future. 

Best Wishes

David and team