Near Painless Injections

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Near Painless Injections

David has helped many nervous patients and children in his career, particularly while performing root canal treatments. Generally this is down to the fear of being in pain or having the ‘dreaded needle’ and the resulting numb lip for the rest of the day.

Technology developed in America has put an end to those common fears via ‘The Wand’ and Broughton Dental Surgery are able to offer this to all patients.

This is a revolutionary piece of technology that replaces the long metal needle found in most dental practices. It is a computer controlled delivery of anaesthetic through a very short and fine needle held like a pen.

“Amazing service. Dr Wiper is thorough, kind and professional. The injections with ‘The Wand’ really are almost painless and so I’ve been able to get all my old fillings repaired without the much-feared pain and numb lip. That alone makes it worth a visit.”


Much of the pain from a traditional injection is from the delivery of the anaesthetic too quickly. ‘The Wand’ is computer controlled to deliver anaesthetic at a slow and comfortable manner- in fact many patients don’t know when the injection is done.

When you have had a traditional injection on a lower tooth you will probably have had a numb lip and tongue for the remainder of the day- interfering with your work and eating. As well as the reduced pain, ‘The Wand’ is able to anesthetise a single tooth resulting in no lip or tongue numbing allowing you to return to normal function as soon as you leave the surgery.

This service is offered to all patients wherever possible as a matter of routine, and is particularly useful on children where a bad experience at a young age can have devastating effects in the future.