Thank you for two and a half years worth of patience and painstaking work. Whilst, from your perspective the improvement in my teeth has been in small increments, the difference in my quality of life over the last year or so has been immense. I have been freed from the discomfort and persistent anxiety that resulted from the regular acute abscesses, other varieties of toothache and endless rounds of antibiotics. Thank you very much for all you have done, I would never have believed such a difference was possible and whilst, rest assured, I don’t expect miracles, I believe my dental future is much brighter!


I was referred to David Wiper for root canal treatment about which I was very nervous.  I saw him for a consultation when he explained the procedure fully and assured me that he wouldn’t carry out the treatment if he didn’t think the tooth could be saved. After a sleepless night I had the first part of the treatment carried out, drilling and cleaning the 3 roots of a molar.  A small cover was used to prevent the particles of tooth and the infected matter going down my throat. Initially I was very worried about this, thinking it would be claustrophobic but, in fact, found it so much better than not using it as no water or matter entered my mouth or throat.  It was brilliant as was Dr. Wiper.  I needn’t have suffered all that anxiety beforehand. He is a highly professional and caring dental surgeon and will inspire confidence in even the most nervous of patients.

Dawn E

Just want to say a BIG thank you for all the excellent work you have done on my teeth and for putting a smile back on my face. A great job!


Amazing service. Dr Wiper is thorough, kind and professional. The injections with ‘The Wand’ really are almost painless and so I’ve been able to get all my old fillings repaired without the much-feared pain and numb lip. That alone makes it worth a visit. Dr Wiper also did my rather tricky root canal with minimal fuss- done by a skilled professional like him it is not as bad as people say.


Professional, caring dentist. Painless treatment- even root canal!!

Won’t find better in the area.


During the 60 years I have received treatment at various practices,  there has only been one other dentist and yourself, David Wiper who has demonstrated the superior skill and true patient commitment to draw from me the greatest respect and trust. Thank you. In contrast it is very disappointing for me to say that I now suspect all the dental practitioners inbetween have mainly provided treatments more inline with their own interests than mine.

Thank you again and my kindest regards.


I have recently had some extensive work done on my teeth by Dr David Wiper.

Dr Wiper is an excellent dentist who is totally professional both in his manner and his dental work. I found him to be very approachable and listened attentively to any concerns I had.

His dental techniques are of the highest standard as is his equipment and surgery. The treatment he delivered was second to none and I would have no hesitation in recommending him highly to any person seeking a caring, conscientious and highly professional dentist.

Mark B

Dear Dr Wiper

Following my consultation with you this morning I just wanted to say thank you again for you very professional opinion. I know that as I had been referred to you for a procedure that the easy option would have been just to carry out the work. I therefore appreciate the time you spent explaining your rationale for not proceeding with the work at the current time.

So thank you again for your advice today


Covid-19 Update 25/06/2020

We are now open to provide emergency treatment. Please click on the link for further information. Thank you for your patience during this time and we look forward to seeing you soon.